Securing the connected future!
1. How would you describe your level of understanding of the term “Internet of Things” (IoT)?

What barriers does your company see most to do business within the IoT?

Is your organisation involved in any areas related with the latest wave of connectivity of things?

What statement best captured your feelings about IoT and security?

Which of the following do you consider the biggest obstacles for adopting security processes and technology?

Where do you consider the greatest risk to be in “Things” connecting to your network and the Internet?

Which of the following areas/topics will gain on significance within your business in the next 12 months?

Which of the following is a top priority for you in terms of the future of Security of IoT?

Do you have a policy for visibility and secure management of connected things on your network today?

If yes, which of the following security policies do you follow internally?

What controls are you using currently to protect against the risks imposed by new “Things” on your network? Or what controls do you plan on deploying in the next 2 years to address these issues?

How did you choose your current security solution?

In your opinion, who should take responsibility for managing the risk imposed by new “Things” connecting to the Internet and your network?

Thinking about security and how to do it best, who are the top 3 influencers (company or name of a person) in terms of IoT security?

What is a key topic you would like to hear more about at the Security of Things World conference?

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What is your current position in the company?

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You can now watch the interview of Richard Knowlton from the Internet Security Alliance on security challenges and his key learnings from the Security of Things World.

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